Library Help! (For my game)

Give me some ideas and help for my library!

Libarary test 1

the pillars are not mines to credits to the owner!
I’ll take any criticism

(I have gotten way better and the new library has more texture and such!


It doesn’t seem very organized and the build needs textures/materials.

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The color’s and textures are a work-in progress

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Looks nice hmmm why not some tables, some plant pots, books, chandelier or some light source (like a light bulb) and maybe more material. Also I have one idea, why not a check out place, library’s have that right?

Good luck with your Library :smiley:

Okay. It would help a bit more if you were near finished when asking for criticism.

Thanks! The books are currently a work-in progress also! Thanks for the ideas!

Alright! Do you recommend any textures?

For the shelves, make it that on those where they are in the middle sof the room, make it double sided. Also, have textures to it and also put one additional support at the bottom. (Because I think that what it is in libraries)

Unfortunately I don’t have any textures to recommend at the moment, maybe the Roblox materials could help you out some.

Good luck though.

Actually I think you could just use roblox provided materials. Like if you wanted a wooden shelf, you could change the colour to pine and the material to wood

If your going for an elegant/fancy style, I like it. Only you need more windows and decorations.

It’s double sided!

And thanks for all the amazing ideas!

I’m not using windows because it’s kind a a danganronpa theme.


In my opinion, I think you need to know exactly how big you want this. When I build it helps that I have a layout, no textures, materials, details. Once you have that idea of what you want it to look like, then start adding some details.

For details, this is what I’d suggest.

  • Books!!!
  • A skylight (make it big for cool lighting)
  • Plants
  • Tables with chairs
  • A reception desk (Checking out books, asking questions, that kinda thing.)
  • A lounge area

There is plenty of ideas, look up pictures of libraries or if you can go to one in real life. (just be safe tho). Also keep working, add something every day if you can no matter how small.

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