Licensing, other issues

I’m just curious. If I made a “Sonic Escapes the Maze” game - can I still receive payments for that game? Or is it fine to make the game (even with the questionable licensing situation) but I won’t be able to receive payments for it?

Thanks for all answers.

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Hey Soda, what I’m about to say isn’t legally binding, but it’s my rule of thumb.

You can make money on the game as long as the copyright holder is ok with it.

In this case, it would be Sega. For your sake, I would reach out to Sega via email or social media to get permission. This isn’t required, but it will give you a sure-fire answer.

If they say no, they’ve saved you the trouble of making the game and THEN getting it copyright struck.
If they say yes, however, you can!
Sega is way more laid back than Nintendo when it comes to copyright, so I think you’ll be fine.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Actually, it does.

Hm. So basically, don’t use the “Don’t ask for permission” kinda method. Instead, ask - and see.

Sounds like the right idea.

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Precisely! It’s always better to be safe then sorry. Godspeed my friend.

Hm. How has Roblox approached this in the past…

So, let’s say if you don’t ask…

Do you apply for the payout, and Roblox let’s you know the copyright violation is an issue?

Any knowledge from anyone about what’s happened in the past in different situations… I’m not looking for any information that violates Roblox’s rules… But just general info to guide me correctly would be nice…so that I can stay within the rules.

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Yes, you can make a game. It’s only in violation of Roblox’s TOS if the copyright holder (Sega) personally wants it removed. Just trying to save you the trouble of making a game just for it to be banned.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Considering the case a while ago involving Pokemon Brick Bronze, you should get in contact with Sega.

If they say it’s fine, that’s cool. Now you’re safe and can create your game.

If they say no, they saved you the trouble of wasting time.

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Thank you for the response, Detective.

Another case solved!

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