"Life-like" interiors or interior teleports?

I’m working on a game similar to Stardew Valley (hopefully actually finishing it unlike my other projects) and I’m working on interiors.

I’m not sure how to have them done. I have 2 options

  • Have the exterior and interior in a seperate place, and when a player goes up to the door, they get teleported. Similar to Adopt me, Loomian legacy or Meep city.

  • Have the exterior and interior in the same place, similar to classic Roblox HighSchool, Welcome to Bloxburg or Lumberjack tycoon.

This will be better categorized in #help-and-feedback:building-support. Game design support is for getting help with designing a game.

Having the two places be separate has a major advantage in that you aren’t bound to the limit of the building (by giving the freedom to make it a little larger than the actual building size). That will also save you from some problems, too. One disadvantage is that exterior windows will be hard to do. Having the interiors in the same place as the building places limits on how large it is, which can lead to some problems (like not being able to fit something in you want to).

If I recall correctly, Stardew Valley has the interior as a separate room. The reason this system is used is so that you can have a huge interior, but not have an exterior that takes so much space.

This is a crucial game design topic. This has to do with the game design of interiors inside houses.

This isn’t a game design problem, it’s a building problem. Here’s what Roblox says this category is from the “About the Game Design Support Category” post linked here.

This is a support category for help on everything related to game design (such as level design, mechanics, game flow/loops, user experience (UX), narrative, or monetization) on the Roblox platform, from extremely basic to even the most technical of issues.

And you are saying that moving into interiors is not a mechanic of the game, and that it is not part of game flow?

Yes I’m saying that moving into an interior that is outside or inside the building is not a mechanic of the game, and that it doesn’t affect the flow of the game.

If moving into interiors was a game mechanic it wouldn’t affect the game much.

@Sirfrogs Wrong. The way you move in and out of buildings is strongly related to the basic design and functioning of the game. Building support is when you have a problem while building or help on how to approach this. The OP doesn’t need any help with building something, but rather opinions and recommendations on how to approach the design of their game.

@Roblozinko I would strongly suggest you first consider the performance and gameplay impact both options would have. The thing is, games like Adopt Me and Welcome to Bloxburg both have some aspect of houses and places.

Unless you’re teleporting your players to a separate universe place (and why would you, that would be super tedious and annoying) it doesn’t have such a heavy impact on performance. You could use StreamingEnabled to make this work, but I’m inexperienced in this type of stuff do you might as well do some research about it.

As to gameplay, it depends. You see, Bloxburg is strongly focused on roleplay, but also on building and construction. Adopt me is based 90% on roleplay and isn’t in a need of things like exteriors or high-poly structures. You go inside a house to roleplay and that’s about it.

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It’s all those things. Don’t minimod if you don’t understand the rules or at all.
To the OP, to provide more realism keep it pretty well proportionalized, don’t make it too outrageous and you’d need to do it split-second.
Good idea though.

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