Life of a roblox dev, the game i'm working on


Basilically, i decided to work on a small game, one of those types of games that dont last a lot, but have a lot of endings, and i needed feedback on it, unfortunately there isn’t much to it yet, but i will be adding lots more content soon, also keep in mind there might be a bit of loud noises (but rarely)

also if you’re wondering how to get the black hole disaster, do /0 on the calculator

Thanks for trying and i hope you enjoy!

(4) Life of a roblox dev - Roblox


are you sure its not ‘untitled game’?Screen Shot 2021-10-02 at 2.33.11 PM


haven’t fully played, but you can have better building font, popups, etc

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Odd, i recall naming it life of a roblox dev, but somehow swapped back to that, thanks for letting me know!

by the way, one last thing, i honestly like keeping my modeling simple, thats how i like it, if others don’t like it i cant blame them

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i love the concept behind this. i sat though it and played it. i would play again if there was more to do!

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dont know if this is somehow apart of the game or just for testing, but here are these little guys.

there is also this little crack in the middle here.

Yes, i do know about these, (in my testing place i fixed these issues) in fact the game is far from complete but i really appreciate your feedback!

just going to sit here and continuously smash the keyboard until something funny pops up on the bottom right of the screen.


who knows maybe someday something will happen but unfortunately not right now >_>

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is the badge broken for the keyboard smashing? i’ve clicked well over 1500 times. or is it a bigger number than that.

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No, you need to click it 50 times in 5 seconds, my apologies about that i might lower the amount in the future tough. (so its doable without a autoclicker)

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I think this is a well-made game! The only thing that bothers me is the keyboard smashing animation since it looks weird when I’m not sitting on the chair.

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Yeah, i completely agree with that, i’m gonna work on fixing it next update, still thank you for the support :slight_smile:

Some elements of the game do not have a debounce, like the papers on the desk, which means you can write multiple Mr. Man letters with no problem. If you missed a debounce in that script, you probably missed it in a lot of other ClickDetectors.

Also just wanted to point out that ProximityPrompts are really good for games like these because mobile players or console players will have more of a tough time trying to interact with tools + other clickables. Also, speaking from a VR player perspective, if you ever decide to add VR support to the game, then ClickDetectors break literally every mechanic of it.

I highly recommend the switch, but if it needs a ClickDetector then stick with it I suppose!

pro-tip for pro gamers: Use Attachments to move the ProximityPrompt inside a part easier

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damn this game is very accurate to what it really is like,
considering i am working on my own game

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although the most fitting thing to go with it would be something like " WHY DOESN’T THIS WORK " dialouge every now and then

since it’s extremely common to run into errors, atleast for me

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yeah, ironically enough there isn’t anything programming-related so far, i might add some endings about that in the future tough

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