Light logo vs. dark logo: Which do you prefer?

Accidentally inverted colors while making this and thought the dark logo looked cool. Which do you prefer?



  • Light
  • Dark

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Why I picked Light:
Orange is a pretty bright color. So is white.
The gray/black over the orange helps create a better separation between the too.


Why I picked Light:
Dark background is okay, but you’re sacrificing too much by inverting the apple. The reflections are obviously darker than the rest of the apple, and the shading on the arrow isn’t quite right. If you could increase value of the apple without negating (negative background is fine), that might be good.

What I like about Dark:
The white spots on the back background look less like water stains on a perfectly good piece of paper compared to the light. The background is really nice actually. The lack of visible contrast on the apple makes it ‘pop’ less, kinda flatter, and I like the flatter look. Rounded objects in logos and icons died in the 90’s, IMO.


This is some solid feedback! I will play around w/ the image some. Thanks!

Unfortunately I lost my layers somehow but was able to work some magic. I think the dark one looks much better thanks to your feedback

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