Light Yeti Studios Group logo

Hey everybody! Today I remade my group logo any thoughts on it? (Ignore the property of epic part)

(Original on the top, Remade on he bottom)

Tbh I think I like the top one more. Looks more professional and overall just better made.

Honestly, I like the original better. Mabey replace the earth with a yeti face like on the original to make it better.

@Game_Impossible @SilentFish20

I had to change from the original due to copyright issues. I felt the globe seems better as I plan to have games in all countries but idk.

Copyright pronlems with the picture of the Yeti?

Yes the yeti vector was copyrighted.

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You could try making your own yeti.

I am horrible at drawing so it wouldn’t look good at all LOL

The remade version doesn’t exactly represent “light yetis” in any way, it’s just a globe. Use the old yeti to replace the globe for a better logo.

Use blender (Not an actual blender, but the computer software).

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The old yeti is copyrighted. The reason I used a globe is because I want to have games for everybody to play all over the world but I’m not sure if it fits.

I might try that out. Oh yes a real blender would work so perfectly :joy:

Some people have actually thought I was talking about a real blender now, so now I make sure people know to not use a real blender.

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I have come up with a redesign. I feel this fits the theme of the Studio better. The whole idea in the first place was that the yeti in the logo is a king.

Wow, that look very cool. Also, you made it fast! I dont think the picture is centered though.

Its meant to be that way as the bottom of the castle is behind the word studios to give it depth. Btw I already have a .PDN meaning its easy to fix things and change things.

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Copyright free icons. Just credit the creator in a bulletin post or group desc.

That is the same thing I was doing before but I don’t want to do that. It looks less professional in my opinion.