LightInfluence for a Gui object

So I was working on my game, that uses alot of special effects, and I saw this very cool effect in Asphalt 8, that would change the transparency of the lens glare image based on how much light there was on screen. Is there anyway I can do this in roblox? (look in the bottom left of the screen)

Sorry, I didn’t see the effect that you are talking about. But I’m sure you can use a billboard gui to do this. It has the LightInfluence property.

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Oh sorry, these things im talking about

Ah Ha Ha, I just press the play button on your picture. XD

You can use a billboard gui in a part, and position it in front of the camera every frame. The billboard gui will always face to your camera, and you don’t have to worry about making the gui always face the camera.

But I notice that the effect is more like the water vaporizing.


Ha! This is a great idea, never even thought of using billboard Guis thank you!

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