Lighting brightness problem

Hello there. I will attempt to explain my issue in as much detail as possible. My team and I are working on some night vision goggles (NVGs). One of the things that the goggles do is change the brightness to 2 so that it is brighter at night.

While experimenting with the NVGs, a fellow team member noticed a weird visual bug. Although the lighting works fine, a little after 19:00, the terrain goes from pitch black to being brighter like it is being illuminated by some light source. It then slowly gets brighter and brighter, then reaches it’s peak, and then slowly gets darker before snapping back to pitch black. Below is a video of what I mean:

As you can see from the video, the lighting on the snow is pitch black, and then suddenly snaps to being illuminated, and even gets to a point where it looks like it is day outside. If anyone knows why this is happening and how I could prevent it, please let me know. Thank you for your time and help, it is truly appreciated.


I know this is a relatively older post, but have you found a solution to this problem? I found that the issue stems from the moonlight suddenly popping in at 19.28 ClockTime (or 19:16 in actual time) instead of fading in slowly, so it’s definitely something Roblox missed or didn’t think of (even though the moonlight should realistically be visible way before 19:16).

I was only able to mask the pop-in slightly by reducing the brightness to 0.3, which made it less obvious, or setting the brightness to 0, which turned off moonlight entirely, which also sucks… This is a really annoying issue, as I’m trying to make the Day/Night Cycle as immersive as possible.

Just discovered this issue myself while trying to make my place look nicer at night, it’s really jarring