Lighting bug in both Blender and Studio

I am experiencing a lighting bug that affects both Blender and Studio.

Using Mesh > Clean Up > Split Non-Planar Faces did not fix it. I’d appreciate any potential solutions to this



You probably have your normals wrong (so this is not a bug). Check this thread to fix your normals:

By “bug”, I mean in general – an issue, or some sort of problem that is not immediately a fault of the software. Anyways, thanks for the help, but it doesn’t fix my problem. All of the mesh’s normals are as they should be.

Have you checked for duplicate vertices? You can merge them by doing Ctrl + A > M > Merge By Distance in edit mode.

Seems to be changing something, it doesn’t exactly remove the shadows.



If you don’t mind, can you send a .blend, .obj, or .fbx of the object?

Sure thing.

Non-Merged vertices:
island2.blend (890.5 KB)

Merged vertices:
island3.blend (875.5 KB)

I think I found the issue. Using the merged file, go to the Object Data Properties panel (the green triangle with squares at each vertex), go scroll down to geometry data, open it, and hit Clear Custom Split Normals Data. I have no idea what it does, but it fixes the issue.