Lighting Bug on Parts with Slate Material?

When building in Roblox Studio it appears that parts set to slate material are covered in a black shadow that can not be removed. This is an issue as the part just looks black and from what I have seen, there is nothing I can do about it. Also I don’t know what could have possibly caused this. This started for me recently. Anyone else having this issue?
Here is an image if what it looks like:

Can you show the properties of the slate part?

That is all the properties except the Brickcolor, Cast shadow, and the Size. The Size and Brickcolor don’t change anything when I change them, and cast shadow is set to true. This issue also occurs when I create a brand new part and then change the material to slate.

Can you disable the CastShadow property?

This is all 4 parts with CastShadow disabled

This is an image of one of the parts when you get really close to it that. I don’t know if that helps though

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I’m literally having the same problem right now. A wedge that is brown became a black part.

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It must be some sort of bug. Whether it is or it isn’t I am unable to find a way to fix it unfortunately.