Lighting Glitch and Support

Hey Developers! I’m currently working on a 2Dimensional Map, for a game I plan on releasing. However, I have run into a problem, that is with lighting!

I’m making a cool Midnight City Map, however the street lights are glitching and not lighting up the streets how I want them to.

The Server Says the game lighting look like this:

However the client thinks the lighting should look like this:

Here are the properties to the lanterns and what they are set to.

If someone could please explain to me what’s wrong with the lighting, I would gladly appreciate it.

Server Lighting Physics

Yeah that’s strange, is your client graphics level set too low? I know some things are removed as you decrease graphics, not sure if lights are one of the things. (particles are)

Is the client pc or mobile?

The client I’m working on right now is PC, I can send the properties of the Main lighting as well.

Maybe you didn’t publish it? Sometimes you could save it vs publish by mistake.

This game is currently saved to the hard drive of my computer.

I’m confused how you can test it with a ‘client’ if its not published. I guess you mean the studio client emulation. In that case it is very strange. You switch to server view and see the lights, switch to client view and see no lights. hmm

This could just be a studio glitch, if so I think ill add fog or something to try to make the map dark without changing the entire world to darkness

Because, with Props3, the lighting works perfectly fine unlike the other two.

Check the light sources in studio in the client view and make sure they’re enabled in that explorer view, maybe you have some localscript turning them off.

Their are no scripts inside the game at the moment. When I’m done with the space, then ill script it.

I loaded in a backup, Something had gone wrong in which I couldn’t fix. Solved, yet unsolved. Thanks for the help!