Lighting Help and Feedback on "Main Core"

I have built this secure-core module and I am kind of hitting a wall in terms of the lighting style. I’m aiming to achieve a sci-fi super-secure facility vibe, but the lighting doesn’t seem to compliment that vibe as of yet. There are a couple of things which I am really happy with (such as the blue light bleeding through the hatch opening when the hatch opens and the main core is raised/lowered. The ambient lighting, however, leaves something to be desired. Here’s a quick look at what I have so far:

The Core module being deployed: (See the blue light bleed from the neon material referenced above)

The Main Core module itself:

Environmental Screenshots:

Hopefully someone will look at this and know exactly where the lambsauce is… Where do I need to add lights, what color/style, how many lights, etc… Any other feedback not related to the lighting is not necessary but certainly welcomed and appreciated :slight_smile:


I think it’s perfect. But I think other people may have ideas. I’m just… speechless. That’s amazing! This may not help you, but I just had to say it!


Hello! I have this problem a lot, but thankful, lighting is my thing. There are two ways that I like to fix this problem.

  1. You can use the Bloom Effect in lighting to help you. Insert the effect into the lighting tab and play around with Size and threshold.

  1. You can put think pieces of glass with a transparency of 0.5 Make the glass Lilly White and cover whatever neon you want toned-down with it. I don’t suggest trying this first.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the tips :slight_smile: - I hadn’t really played around w/ the Bloom Effect, although I have been playing around with the transparency of neon blocks (as seen in the red lights covering the floor and yellow outline of the button panel.

Quick question though- Do you think the bloom works for the core-part in the center (because I personally like it but based on your response I’m assuming you don’t think it works as well?)

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I don’t know about the core. The tighter-packed the neon blocks are the more glow they have. But It’s worth a shot I think. You can always just remove the Bloom effect if you don’t like it. But you could do the bloom then also use the glass trick on the core.

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I tried playing around with the bloom a bit and tried adding glass to the neons to see what looked better and I still don’t what the general consensus about the bloom for the buttons is… On the one hand it definitely makes it look ‘cleaner’ the less bloom there is- but I think it also detracts from the otherwise empty atmosphere. I now realize that when I asked you earlier if something ‘worked’ you most likely interpreted it as “will it function” - what I intended to ask is do you think it works aesthetically?

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Well, I did think that it was going to make other things look a bit ugly. Sadly, I haven’t been able to find a way to make everything look good. Each time I use neon I attempt everything, but I’ve found the best way is to just adjust the bloom. But i’ll keep looking.