Lighting is normal in Roblox Studio, but in-game is incredibly dim

I put some lights into a house to light it up of course. I click play inside of studio to ensure I get the accurate results and I decide I’m fine with it. But coming into the real game, the lights are incredibly dim, I don’t understand how? My quality settings are all the way up for Roblox Studio and in the real game.

Roblox Studio:


Looks to me like future lighting is turned on, try changing it to shadow map.

if this isnt the case, just add more lights around to fill the rooms.

It’s already on ShadowMap, I’ve added some lights, but It still seems to be dim.

You could try disabling shadows on some objects so the light isnt blocked in some areas.

I’ve done some changing but disabling the shadows is what mainly helped, thank you.

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