Lighting issue with materials set to fabric

A few days ago I added in some meshes that were a combination of a special mesh, and a texture instance. (So I could change the color of the texture as I please) At the time I set the mesh to have the fabric material to give it a smooth shading without intense highlights. Just a few hours ago I hopped on testing some UI concepts and found that multiple meshes that use this process, and even the character’s body itself were extremely shiny.

Upon further inspection I found that this only happens to meshes that are parented to the player’s character containing a humanoid. (I use the default character, no special changes)

Images/GIF of the meshes/body

Sheath Instance/Children

Also wanted to say that this doesn’t happen at all in studio, I can’t even replicate the behavior there. Reproducing the behavior, at least in my experience is as simple as adding a meshPart/SpecialMesh+ImageTexture/Texture and parenting said instance to the character and view the instance outside of studio

Studio Example

–Edit 2----
Created a basic place to see how the material change reacts to different clients. Most users on the windows platform using the web based client had the issue. Only a handful of them didn’t.

Graphics card I’m running:
GTX 1060 6GB


We are working on it. Will fix soon.

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