Lighting issues on Mobile! [HIGH GRAPHICS ONLY]


I have recently discovered some sort of issue when I’m playing my game on mobile. As soon as you higher your graphics in the settings the game lighting starts to become really dark and glitchty.

Here’s a video showing the issue:

Additional here are the used lighting settings:

As of now I have tried changing the lighting technology but that obviously didn’t fix the issue. Maybe you can try it out yourself and give feedback on the issue or provide a potential method to fix it in the replies!


I don’t know why it does that but what does that eye next to your username in the video mean?

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It’s the part of leaderboard UI to show player Information.

Ok, I guess I’ve just never played a game with ui like that then.

Try to change ambient color to White and Turn Off Global Shadows

I have noticed this in other places with ShadowMaps enabled. This is actually a Roblox issue, not anything to do with your place. This lighting bug has appeared on many Android devices, including my Samsung Galaxy A50s(SM-A507FN) and Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite(SM-P610). I suggest that you should probably post something about this in Engine Bugs.

EDIT: It seems that the bug has been fixed now, try testing your place again.