Lighting on a massive scale

I’ve been working on making a huge(4k x 10k x 6k studs) castle with my brother lately, and we’ve started working on the lighting, but ran into the issue of : there is a limit of 60 on point/spot/surface lights range, making it near impossible to use them to light up a 300x700 stud room.

So I’ve been asking myself “if there is such a way to either bypass that restriction(which I doubt), or just a way to do the lighting without having to put a light literally everywhere, making it look less moody, and also more like slap dash?”.

Any help would be appreciated, and if you maybe need a image for farther reference in what I’m trying to accomplish, I’d happily send one.

Also, if they’ve announced they’re going to remove/increase that restriction soon(I know they mentioned it when they added the future lighting engine), it would be nice if you said so, that way we can delay the lighting for a little bit.

Also if this is in the wrong category, I’m sorry, as this is my first post on the devforum

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You have to use multiple lights. Sorry kid. :sob:

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Maybe try turning 1 room into a model, delete it, and put it back? I don’t know if that will work to bypass the limit, but you could try. :sweat:

I think I might try using a particle emitter with the light emission high, and the spread high as well, doubt it’ll work, but worth a try

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