Lighting Showcase! Rate it!

Hello! I just made a showcase featuring the new Roblox light mechanics. Never got the chance to test these when this came out, so here we go. I would really appreciate it if you could rate the lighting more than the terrain. (I didn’t have much time to do the terrain, but I did my best with the time I had to make this.) Here’s a screenshot:

Here’s a link to the current game:

Note: This was made in about an hour as a test for one of my upcoming games, and I was just playing around with these features. I may add on to this showcase in the future if need be, please reply with feedback and or what you think could be improved on or changed! :slight_smile: Thanks!


To be honest, I don’t really like the blurry effect and it’s also kinda bright but other than that it looks nice.

Like @GirlSwag911 said it’s a bit too blurry but the rest looks great!

Looks good! Although I have some complaints on this.

You overused the same tree multiple times.

Some of the bushes are floating by like 1 stud.

And finally, the water doesn’t have anything underneath it, maybe add some terrain under it and it would look better!

It’s just those little bugs, but it looks great overall! (I know this was made in like an hour, so I tried not to be too critical :smiley: )


Well, I like this lighting but this blur doesn’t fit.

lighting looks nice, trees and bushes need a bit of tweaking when it comes to placement tho

if the transform feature wasn’t on, i may have not known it was roblox, nice job!

Blur effect will be changed! Forgot to remove it, was trying to get some screenshots with it.

Overall great lightning showcase. Like the shadowsoftness.
But one thing: Make sure it’s not too blurry. A size of 5 should be more than enough.

Amazing! I have been working on improving my lighting skills, too.

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