Lighting showcase/Terrain showcase

Please tell me where to improve. This post-apocalyptic showcase is mainly on lighting skills not building skills, since I lack on them.

What should I name this one?


Looks Great!

Only thing I would change is make it slightly brighter for the shadows because of how bright the light is when in those locations.


I really like it, I think the sun could have less spread but I love it other than that. Lighting is something I struggle with, and I like when people show it off so I can attempt to learn how it was done


The lighting and terrain look very good! Nice job on it!


This looks really good!

I’m not sure about the name yet, since I’m not very creative when it comes to naming.


This is very good! I know you said your not good at building but to make it even better, you could add a few other things into the build to make is less plain. Other than that, I love it, keep up the good work man!

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Uhh, Im not good at lighting lol, yeah, I agree with you, I could add more to it.

work with shadows and unnatural light sources, and have dust particles be directly visible in the light surrounded by shade