Lighting System

Any developers out there that enjoy EDM, Techno, House music?

I’m coding a lighting system that would look really sick in an experience with music playing from the genres stated above.

It’s still being worked on and there is plenty other models to code, though, I got a little bit done.

Let me know if you guys want to see it.

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Of course I want to see the lighting, I want to see how cool it is.

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I do not enjoy EDM, Techno, or House music. However I think such a project wouldn’t be such a problem.

I added a lot of Pop and Rap songs as well.

Looks good, not sure how you found the EDM version of a Pop Smoke song. But eitherway it looks like a good build. I recommend you try to make onscreen visual effects, from FOV changes, to maybe onscreen particles? Have fun with it and good luck on the scripting for it!

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I don’t really like this with rap songs, it would also be cool if legit the lights color would change by beat.

that could trigger epileptic seizures

hmm, thats is true. If this were to be a actual serious game instead of a tech test then, I would make a setting and have it auto enabled when its a players first time joining.

It doesn’t defeat my first claim though thats for sure.