Lighting technology won't change in studio

So basically before when I changed the lighting technology, you could see the lighting change but for some reason it seems to be stuck on shadowmap, but when you join the game from the games page the lighting is on the mode that it was set to, now I have tried reinstalling studio, restarted it, set the editor quality to 21 and it doesn’t seem to change anything.
In Studio:

In game:

As you can see the surface light will only reflect off the material in game but not in studio, it would be great if you lot could help me out as I am going slightly mad trying to fix this.

Try changing the Lighting to Future?

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This is due to your graphics level in studio. Go to studio settings (ALT+S) and select “Rendering”. Change the editor quality level to one you desire. I keep it at automatic due to performance, but you are welcome to change your setting.

Sorry didn’t mention but it’s already at 21 and the lighting IS set to future if there is some confusion

This is confusing. Does the “Run Mode” have the same effect as “Play”?

Ye I think it’s studio all together but I have reinstalled it and restarted it about five times

I’m not sure, but this might be intentional behavior?

Nah cause it used to work before but it’s stopped now.

Try changing the part’s color.

Look in the images it’s a studio issue it doesn’t change if it works or not

Ok, so I have updated my drivers and it seems that future displays as shadowmap to me still, I have a NVidia GeForce RTX 2060 if that helps, and my CPU is a Ryzen 5 3600.