Lighting tehcnology not synced


So I am currently creating a showcase place but I got an issue related to the lighting technology. While playing the game you can clearly see that the lighting technology is Future. But while playing the game not in-studio, lights (surface, point, spotlights) will be similar to voxel lights.

Image from Gyazo
Image from Gyazo
Note that sky-light shadows are correctly working.

I’ve tried everything to fix this. The only thing that “half-worked” was just making everything darker (brightness, ambient…). I just couldn’t see a thing in-studio, but I could in-game.

I’ve also read a topic about that. But as I saw, it was due to a plugin. The problem is that all my plugins are correctly working on other games (using Future and that I develop) and any is modifying the Lighting (or would change it).


Future is bright lighting hasn’t been fully released yet.

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That’s strange.

Future is bright is working on a place that I’ve made, with any issue.

It is still in testing and as @UneducatedScripter mentioned, it’s not fully released yet.
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You can use and view future in studio but it won’t appear in game

What I meant is that in one of my places, Future is working in-game.

You might be confusing in-game with testing in Studio. The Future lighting technology is not enabled to display in live games except for a very limited number of whitelisted games used by Roblox for testing. Your game is not an exception to the new lighting not yet being rolled out, and thus the beta lighting features are not displayed in your live game.

Please keep an eye on the announcement topic for when this changes, once Roblox fully releases phase 3 to the public; Future Is Bright: Phase 3 - Studio Beta

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Future lighting is still in BETA and doesn’t work in game until it is fully tested and fixed. :slight_smile: