Lighting Texture/Pattern Effect

So I have discovered some cool things I’ve picked up on YouTube from a popular group I am in and I came upon this cool effect for lights and how they animate. It made me want to make someone cool without the light is a straight line(using beam effect). I’m not sure how they do this, but I would like to know if anyone can help. The awesome light animation for the outline part and the seating area. I’m not sure if this a beam effect or texture. I honestly have no clue.

I’m literally dying to know how to achieve this.

Here are some videos to visualize what I mean:

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Beams, what I do is I use the watefall plugin, set it up so its straight, change the beam texture to what I want and then make it curve the way I want, if you dont have a clean looping texture it can cause some choppyness but it should work, hope this helped

The pieces inside the part seem more like unions, and Beam patterns are straight.

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robloxapp-20201123-2046301.wmv (982.0 KB)

this was something I quickly threw together with a beam, they could be using decals/textures flipping through put onto a union but I feel like that would cause lag so I think its most likely well curved beam fitted around/into a union