Lighting Tricks (ADVANCED)

Hello, you are probably here to learn how to make cool lighting tricks, i have been experiencing with trying to make these cool lighting tricks that you might like to use in your next build! Today we are going to be covering how to make reflections (like actual illusion, that makes you think that it is real reflections), lighting basics, and a window, that reflects its color on the wall/floor, and has cool realistic particles. Let’s get started! :slight_smile:

  • 1, Lighting basics

If you don’t know what lighting is, read further in this first step, if you already know how to use these, you can skin to 2. step. Anyways here’s some basics to get you started.

These are some basic stuff you should know. And some that you should change.


There are also effects you could use, add them by clicking the + sign whenever you hover over lighting, search for effect, add some, they will make the game look pretty, but kinda over lighted, experience with these, adjust them to your likings and you should be good to go (DO NOT over effect them, as it will make the game look more bad than good, adjust them to a little less, more realistic style)

Here are some effect i use often.


  • 2, Reflection

Ever wanted to know how to make a full part reflection? well here is an illusion on how you can do just that! It will look like this:

Make your reflection inside of a room, with a 20 studs tall roof. (make sure at position 0,0,0, so its easy to make this reflection)

Make Part at the middle at 0,0,0 positon with these adjustments:

BrickColor: Make it look something like glass or ice
Material: Ice (Dont use glass, as it will NOT show reflection)
Transparency: 0.75


Build your room after do these stuff:

Copy and paste the entire room (expect for the glass and walls)

Make them 0.35 Transparency and make them upside down

After you just move those parts down, making this reflection happen.

  • 3, How to make a cool window design

Now that you know how to use the lighting, it’s time to make a window similar like this:


This one is kindoff complicated, the first step on this is to make the windows, Here’s adjustments i did to my windows:

Added colors: Red, Green, Pink
Material: Glass
Transparency: 0.65


Adjust the Geographic Latitude and time of the day to your likings (facing the window that way you can make this reflection actually look realistic)

Copy this window, make it further from the windows, make them face windows and face back sun and do these changes:

Transparency: 1
Add an effect to the part: “SurfaceLight”


Add these changes to SurfaceLight:

Make the color identical to the part
Angle: 10
Range: 60
Shadows: off (if not already)
Face: (you determine which is best)


Now copy the part that has the “SurfaceLight”, and make these changes to it:

Resize it to the wall
Move it towords to the window
Remove "SurfaceLight"
Add "ParticleEmitter"


Make these changes to ParticleEmitter:

Make color identical to the window color
Make texture: rbxassetid://132155326 (NOT MY TEXTURE)
Size: 2
Transparency: 0.97 - 0.98
Acceleration: Depends on your build
Drag: 5
LockedToPart: True
Lifetime: Depends on your build
Rate: 2
Speed: 5


Congratulations, you have made a cool window! If you are still struggeling, DM me on devforum and ill try to fix it.

If you want to edit the game to see further stuff on how to do this, here is the game for you to edit: Lighting Tricks (EDIT TO SEE) - Roblox

Anyways, this is going to be all for today, Hope you enjoyed making this and reading this, have a nice day, and good luck on your next game, with these lighting! :smiley:


oh so cool! i will try it :smiley:


wow i was bad at this, you could maybe use this as a good starting ground if you are a begginer at this, also good to laugh at, so have at it