Lighting // Voxel or Compatibility?

I have already visited this and this but they didn’t really help a lot
What I learnt was that compatibility was only introduced to replace Legacy .
But since i’ve switched my lighting technology to Compatibility from Voxel a long time before I actually started created my game, when I found out I should be using Voxel and switched the technology to it , here’s what I got :

And using Compatibility greatly reduces the “Neon-effect”

As you can see, after switching to Voxel , as most people recommend doing so, it’s impossible to lower all the light parts’ brightnesses .
Can anyone explain the differences , on Rendering as well, as I read compatibility reduces rendering time by ~5%.

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The neon ‘glow’ effect is bound to BloomEffect, which is something you can insert into game.Lighting. Changing the intensity will change how much that part glows. Examples below, all with standard baseplate lighting, just changing the intensity on BloomEffect, hope this helps.

Baseplate with a big white part

Intensity 1 (default when you insert it):

Intensity .2 (this is usually what I use in most of my games):

Intensity 0:

Additionally here's a real world example of toggling the bloom from an older place of mine

Intensity 1:

Intensity .2:

Edit: This is using Shadowmap/Voxel, applies to both.


In my experience, Compatibility is typically only used if:

  1. Your game was designed around it and only looks as intended if compatibility is on
  2. (The biggest reason) Less lag for low-spec PCs

I work in the sword-fighting department, where good performance is essential. Voxel lighting is seen as unnecessary lag, and is usually avoided.

All you really need to know is that Voxel/Shadowmap looks better but is laggier for low-spec PCs, and that Compatability looks relatively plain but gives a way better average FPS. If you intend to create a frontpage game then you should probably just stick with Voxel, as it’ll look better.

Also: Compatibility still has neon glow, you just need graphics 4+ to see it; however, Voxel has the neon glow even at graphics 1.