Lighting.Ambient behavior change?

Lighting.Ambient used to affect the color of the shadows when GlobalShadows was on. This is apparently no longer the case and Lighting.Ambient now serves exactly the same purpose as OutdoorAmbient, affecting the lighting throughout the entire map.

This is a problem because I can no longer make an area that’s completely black without changing the lighting in the entire map. I used to be able to just set Ambient to 0,0,0 and the shadow would be that color but now it no longer works.

Can confirm. With OutdoorAmbient red and Ambient blue, interiors should be blue and exteriors should be red with a little bit blended between. It has the interiors blue, but it continues on forever and ever even outside, mixing with the red OutdoorAmbient causing it to be a purple/pink:

OutdoorAmbient is the ambient color of the parts outside (not occluded from the sky)
Ambient is the ambient color of the parts inside (occluded from the sky)

Increasing Ambient should not change the way parts outside look.

The above does not work when any channel of Ambient is bigger than the same channel in OutdoorAmbient. Due to current restrictions of the lighting system we clamp the effective OutdoorAmbient to be greater-or-equal than Ambient in all channels.

This is why red/blue test gives surprising results.

This has been true since dynamic lighting shipped. Can you clarify what you think the change in behavior is? (and when it happened)

Ah, it turned out to be a different problem. Only a small portion of the shadow is cast from the sun direction, a majority of the shadow goes straight down no matter where the sun is.

Place file:

Can we like… Fix that?
Since I doubt we’re getting that lighting hack week project, this would be a neat little tidbit to enhance the lighting effects.

This is sky occlusion (sky shadow) - exactly what Ambient vs OutdoorAmbient is used for. You can increase Ambient value, which should reduce the occlusion under the block (making the shadow brighter) and keep the brightness of un-occluded areas (as long as Ambient is less than OutdoorAmbient).