Lighting/mesh issue

I’ve had this issue before but cannot fix it. I’ve checked in Blender for any issues with the normals/mesh, but nothing, unless I’m just completely missing something. No one else seems to have this issue, any help?

What is the issue you’re having? I don’t see anything wrong, could you elaborate?

It’s all supposed to be the same color, the dark parts have this lighting issue that when light hits it, it goes dark like that, then the parts that are dark are also somehow reflective.

I probably don’t understand something as on the illustration you provided I can’t see any reflection or darkness on the blue parts.

The whole issue is that they are any sort of different color. They’re supposed to be the same color as the rest of the meshes in the piece, the blueish color is coming from some sort of lighting issue it seems like

Oh, so the blue parts are meant to be white? Well, have you tried switching between all 4 currently available lighting engines, changing clock time, rotating and moving the piece around, things like that? If the color changes then it’s a lighting issue. If not, then double check if you have any textures, materials, colors or other properties applied that could be causing this.

I stupidly did something in Blender that caused a negative scale of the mesh, and it messed it up ;_; ahh I have lot to learn, but I fixed it, thank you for trying.

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