This game is extremely under-rated. It should be more popular. It’s developed by someone from Mad Studio.

From the recent visit to this place, I have to say, it is REALLY well done, however, I do in fact have a few negative things to point out about it:

  1. The Lightness. Similar to the Darkness’, however, the Lightness is MUCH more OP. Just by blankly staring at you with no sense of range can bring your ultimate demise, which in conclusion, is not fun.

  2. Map Size. Though, it can be classified as a positive, I think the map should had been bigger to fit in with the longer time duration of each round.

  3. Repetitiveness: After a few rounds, it can get boring or if you’ve mastered the arts of hiding or finding, it may become just a chore to play this game. Personally in my opinion, it’s a game where you will only play it once and leave it in the dusts. But really, what was I expecting out of the game anyway?

I just hope the game will at the “least” consider nerfing the Lightness.

Most people like to be blinded though.