Lightning effect, where to start?


How could I create a cool looking lightning effect?

Any help appreciated!

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This question is very vague, please specify.

How could I make a lightning effect in Roblox, with scripting?

Yes, but how would you like the lighting to be? Dark and moody? Bright and cheerful? Mysterious? Could be anything, honestly.

Lightning similar to how it is in Starwars?

local sky ="Sky")
sky.Parent = game.Lighting
game.Lighting.ClockTime = 0

should give you a result like this:

(if you look closely you can see stars)

He was saying lightning, not lighting

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Feel like its a typo.

Also, haven’t seen any lightning in Star Wars…? He was being very vague about it.

It was not a typo, and I don’t see how “Lightning effect like Starwars” is vague?

Screenshot 2022-10-16 121907

It would be easier for you to say you haven’t seen Starwars.

Nope I have. Even the Rise of Skywalker help me.
Sorry for misinterpreting. Thought it was a typo.

To the answer, seems like you have to use raycasting. Is the lightning going to be a weapon, a VFX or something else?

I plan for the lightning to just be there for the looks, while I’ll be using a separate hitbox for the damage.

You could use the Lightning Beams plugin.

I prefer to learn how to do it from scratch.

What solutions did you tried ? You should include that in your topic. Also I think you should search on YouTube.

ParticleEmitters could get your job done, something overall basic you could learn easily.

I have tried YouTube, but unfortunately close to all of them are like:

“Hey guys, get this free model, and then put this in server storage and that in replicated storage, and your good to go”

And what’s the problem with that ?


I need 30 letters to post this

I would use a beam with a seamless lighting texture, and then using multiple beams to give that jagged effect.

Could you explain more, If your feeling up to it would you like to show an example?