Lightning effect

I want to make sparks come out of a bolt. How would I do this?

Here is an example. Those little lightning bolts that come out when the lightning strikes is what I’m trying to make. I found this from a bizarre day and I was wondering how you would recreate this effect?


here is a good module that can help you.

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Hard Way:
Create a Start Point, and an End Point. After that, you need to add points in between and position them randomly based on how effective you want the lightning to look.

After that you simply just add in parts position them to each point, use a bit of math from point to point each and you can come up with this effect.

Hack Around Way:
Build lightning models (make each one different looking)
CFrame the models primarypart and use a for loop from the beginning to the end of the lightning’s streak making it fade away as it appears.

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Using a module is much easier than coding all of that hard stuff. But thank you anyway!

Yeah it’s easier but the knowledge may benefit you in the future. You’re welcome!