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Hello, so as alot of people may know there’s an open sourced module called the lightning module that basically creates lightning beams out of actual parts, and for a game I’m working on I need to better understand the lightning module since so far, I’ve got no clue how it works and haven’t found a good video to better understand it. Here I’m going to attach a gif I recorded of a game that has a system using the lightning module to sprout a red neon part with a black highlight, and I need to do something similar for something I’m working on.

The gif:

if anybody has any tips, advice, videos or any help you may be able to give, I appreciate it all whole heartedly.


It’s open source so why don’t you read/show us the code? That’ll make it easier.

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That’s the problem, it’s a module, I don’t understand the code, unsure how to call it if I can at all, I’ve gone through the code and don’t know what I’m looking for in the code, hence why I made this post.

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Well, send the link for it or something? I can’t help you understand code without even having it.

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The best example I can think of is the final gif in that link

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No, like-

Is this the one you showed in the vid or is the one you showed in the vid not the open source one?

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same thing, the module basically just generates parts attached to eachother at the ends to form bands, used for things like lightning

I found this video which basically answered my question:

Thank you to that saving grace, wish I had found the video sooner.

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