Lights act weird when far away

Not sure what to say, ive been building a car game and i have found out a mildly annoying thing

This is how normal part of the highway looks like

and then there is this part of the highway that is farther away
im thinking roblox studio starts to forget everything it knows the more you go away from spawn
its not future lightning interacting with the parts, the lampposts are the same in the second image as in the first image
What do you guys think?


That depends a lot on the graphics you have on, if you have the graphics set to the maximum you will see it common, remember that Roblox is not the most optimized in the sense that it replicates things on the server, therefore it cannot be further optimized, you have 5 options:

  • wait for a person to give you a good option
  • make the maximum zoom not interfere with the appearance of the lights
  • find a way for players to have maximum graphics in their local settings
  • research a lot about VFX to learn a solution about it
  • Remove the Cast Shadow from the parts and thus it would not affect as much although the appearance up close would be affected
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I really feel very sad for you because you are facing something complicated, make an effort and you will find the solution


farther away was supposed to be taken as highway from spawnpoint, not field of view settings or distance of the camera from highway, nonetheless thank you for your answer, removing cast shadow does indeed fix the problem but thats not something i would choose

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Another possible local solution is that you could do two configuration modes, one optimized (which will not have as good graphics and the lights would not look so good because they would not have shadows) and the other mode that with a runService.RenderStepped cycle would detect the distance between the lights and in such a way you would modify it as you please. make an effort for this and look for a way to do it so that you find the solution, as advice I tell you: dedicate time to that small detail