Lights fading weird

Whenever I use a light this happens

Is there any possible way to fix the light brightness suddenly dropping off? Or is it unable to be changed

Which lighting technology are you using? And can you send a screenshot of your light properties?

Wdym by future lighting technology and heres the light properties

I worded it wrong my bad.

  1. Try turning on CastShadow and see if that does anything.

  2. Try moving the light farther away from the floor

Use a SurfaceLight instead of a spotlight.

Can you provide your full lighting settings, also in the Lighting tab you can do some stuff with shadow softness. If this is a spotlight then it’s normal.
Answer: Most likely your graphics quality causes the Spot Light’s shadow to drop off slightly but not drastically. This can be changed in the Roblox Studio Settings. (Render Quality)