Lights to stay rendered

I have multiple large surface and point lights in a night scene that stretch across a map 2048 x 2048 studs in multiple places in a race game. They render in when the racer is getting close to them (and turn off when player is far from them). Is there any way to have them preload and stay rendered from the start of the game loading in?

This detracts from the night ambiance when racing… it looks like the lighting is constantly turning off and on as racers enter areas and leave them.


This is a limit by the engine, lights only go for 60 studs before its just no shadows at all

You can try and mimic darkness with a bit of dense fog


Not possible to negate this, it’ll always disappear at a large distance. You can try to place a some fake beams that imitate light on your map, those won’t load out in a distance.


Alternatively you can have the racing maps have constant daytime so this isnt an issue.

I hope this helped.
Good luck.


The fog is a good idea and i have used it in my other race maps but it wont work in this map as i need the light to light up the path.

Yes all my other maps are daytime and this is my only night time one… it has beams in it already and these surface lights actually light up the water beneath the race path, as its a boat race game… so its not just cosmetic.

My boats move fast or the rendering time wouldnt be so much of an issue.

I also tried neon parts under the water but they dont light up the water.

Edit: i just found this post so will try ambient but i doubt will work for my application:

Re-edit: the ambient didnt help at all.