Lightsaber Duels Guide

This is a basic guide for Lightsaber Duels. The game is in early stages of development, so expect changes to this document.


The thinner, white bar is your current stamina. This will decrease when you parry and swing, and will swiftly regenerate when not in use - more in depth later on. The maximum stamina in the bar is 100.

The circles within the stamina bar represent your current flips. Similar to the stamina bar, they will regenerate when not in use.

The greenish-blue bar represents your current health.

Force Power:
Listed next to all the other controls, your force power can be found. This is automatically binded to key ‘E’. Cooldown, damage and effect on target depends on the force power.

When using a force power, a white outline will appear - this is the area that players have to be in to be effected by your force power.


Hits on the back deal 1.25x more damage than hits from the front.


When a player hits your block, they will be stunned for a short 0.8 seconds. This is enough time for you to return one hit. You will lose 20 stamina when you parry.

Block is not 360°, so you can be damaged from behind even while blocking.

Be careful when blocking. If your stamina bar becomes entirely depleted after parrying, you will become exhausted, and will be stunned for an extended period of time. The opponent will be able to capitalise and deal a large amount of damage. Your block will essentially be ‘broken’, and your parry will not effect the opponent.


Every swing will cost you 10 stamina.

The base damage for a hit is 18 damage.


Every time you flip, your flips will decrease. However, when not in use, they will swiftly regenerate.

You can swing while flipping, which can be utilised to drain an opponents stamina or health. However, this is a difficult skill to perform consistently.


Force powers can be blocked.

Force powers will deal a small amount of damage, and will stun an opponent for a short period of time. When used, it will be put on cooldown, which is visible in the bottom right of your screen.

Force powers do not cost stamina.