Lightsaber impact “streak” help

  1. I’m looking to create lightsaber “streaks” when hitting objects. Such as the ones in fallen order or just commonly seen in the movies and games.

  2. My problem is that I don’t even believe it’s possible in roblox without using parts. (It will most likely lag if I spawn a bunch of neon spheres in a streak line where the saber hits.).

  3. I’ve tried messing with beams and trails but I just can seem to find a good way to do it, these trails also have to go onto the player.

Here’s a video reference.


I think you could use attachment with particle emitter with speed 0

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In general experience, I think using a scorch mark on a transparent decal (or surface gui) would be a little better for this, and you could clean this up by adding it to debris…

The good thing about lightsabers is that they’ll always point in a particular direction, and end at a particular point. Thus, for the actual detection of where you should place a lightsaber “streak”, you can use raycasting and Workspace:FindPartOnRay, and it should give you exactly what you need to get the placement and rotation of the decal right.

There are a ton of other threads on bullet hole placement, which would essentially employ the same mechanic as your lightsaber, so I’ll link one below!

Its possible to do on roblox and all you need is trails.

Just listen for when you’re touching a new (non humanoid related) part and stop moving the current trail and create a new one.