Lightweight Donation-Board Set

Lightweight Donation Board


This is a very lightweight donation board set, with simplistic, innovative, clean GUI design, and full functionality! Easy to use and customize, this module is perfect for new developers, looking to enhance their security, data handling, and GUI manipulating knowledge!

Game Link:

Donation Board U3 - Roblox


Formatted, Effective, Efficient work style

Easy customization in-Studio and with variables/constants

Built-In Lightweight & Comprehensive Datastore (no ProfileService/DataStore2 needed!)

Adaptive Top Donator Model Re-Sizing (the size you see in Studio is the size you get for any top donator’s avatar model!)

Easy Expansion

The only disadvantage is that I did not choose to include data queueing/estimated data saving time.

It is literally impossible for this to have any impact ever, apart from when this set is used in massive Star Wars Coruscant-type, inefficient, laggy games. The data stored/written with this datastore is not immense (unlike player-oriented/major/log-sized datastores), and the environment it is expected to run in should not be extremely laggy.

It’s not needed, though I would have included this safety feature if I were to be using this set in my own hand-made Roblox game, just because my safety-netting OCDwould compel me to do so.

Any bugs? Please please please let me know! I've probably already spent tens of hours on this project, so a couple more can't possibly hurt, right? 'w'

Thank you for anyone for reading !!! |- ’ )

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