Likes from Notification from flagged post disappear

Hi I had a few post that was flagged which I won’t share, but a Roblox Admin liked the post before it was flagged. After it was flagged the notification of the like disappeared. This may be a bug.

Repo: Have a post liked and receiving notification then notification disappears for strange reason.

  • When it started: 04/26/2022
  • Consistency: Happens when your post gets liked before being flagged.
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I believe that Roblox admen took away his/her/other like after another admen blocked your post. The admen did not want to associate with a blocked post.

No sir I don’t think you understand, I’d like to clarify that other people liked the post, so which means why would they all unlike the post and me losing notifications?

It makes sense if Discourse deleted the notifications for your post because if it was deleted it no longer exists. Keeping it would be strange ux because you could be linked to an unrelated post. Staff don’t remove the likes from your post – the post is removed. (They also can’t remove likes from posts)

I wrote this to wonder if it was intentional or it was a bug

This is intentional, Discourse tries to remediate notifications of everyone involved when content gets deleted.