LilDripBlu - Scripter, UX Designer, and Game Animator

About Me

Hi! I’m LilDripBlu, and I’ve been on the platform since 2011. I’ve been developing since 2012 and as I’ve grown up I’ve decided to get into the development community. I’m an experienced scripter, UX designer, and game animator. As a scripter I specialize in Object-Oriented Programming implementation and modular scripting.

See for Yourself

The following are a few dropdowns of some of my projects:

Link's Awakening-Style Game Concept

This first video showcases my experience with the movement system in the way the Guest moves. It also shows my experience with AI.
This second video shows a mockup intro screen I made and an E to interact system with a custom 2012-esque dialogue box.

Infinite Ikea Game Mockup

This first video has the basics of a game in this genre: object pickup and placement along with basic AI in the background. The map is also procedurally generated which you will be able to see better in the next video.
This second video has me chopping up a wooden pallet. This is meant to showcase the inventory and crafting systems if you look past the placeholder guis.

The Playground

My favourite project to date is this one which I’m currently working on:
The Playground
This game is a testament to many of my skills as a scripter, user experience designer, and game animator.

There’s more to come here, but I hope that so far this has shown not only my experience, but also my versatility when it comes to development and developing different projects.


As always, prices depend on the project. For any game work I prefer an up-front payment and completion payment. For small modules the completion payment is usually a one-time cost, but for larger projects I accept a revenue percentage. I accept payment in Robux, CAD, and USD.


You can contact me through the DevForums or send me a message on Roblox, and we can continue on Discord if you would like.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you consider hiring me for your future projects.

Hi Can I See Some More Examples and can you script in depth ai and inventory systems like the ones from legend of zelda breath of the wild