LilDripBlu's Crossroads

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on this game:

This is my second released project on this account, and I’m proud of what I’ve made. It’s designed as a Modern, Competitive First-Person take on the classic game Crossroads.

One thing I used here which I don’t think I’ve seen before is viewport viewmodels. They don’t clip into walls, and you can change the viewmodel fov in the settings menu.

I’m adding new weapons for each slot, using a Team Fortress 2-style item drop and loadout system which is almost ready to release.

Anyways, I’m interested on what you all think about this game. I’ll hop on the game for a little just so that the servers aren’t empty. (this is a PVP fighting game after all)

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I’ve removed the tag from your title–that’s what the “optional tags” section is for. :slight_smile:


Thats a good game idea for me go on but please add your own ideas in game too I wanna see super crossroad or super sword fight on the heights one day

Thanks, I have plans for the future i.e. weapon drops and customizable loadouts almost ready to release; I just don’t want to jam-pack the game by releasing everything at once.

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