Lilly Pad Showcase (Feedback needed)

Hello again, so I did this little showcase and I think there are some things to improve on, but I’m not sure what, Love to hear your perspective and opinion on what I should change or add.


This a Fantastic work, I have some suggestions for you

Draw some veins in it
and there must be no border or else it will look like a plate
it should be very flat (if there is a lotus or lily whatever in it)


Thanks for the kind word Really appreciate it but The reason I did it flat was cause I made it to Upload it to a diff game where you can like to showcase some of your builds, but the veins part I like a lot but where specifically

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if you look at the real picture a lighter color veins appear from the middle to the end of the circumference


Oooh that sadly I dont really know how to texture but I can learn about it

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Hello there You can use a decal for the textures and ask in devforum to create a decal template for your model, (Do this only if you wanna take this build seriously)
and also u can add water reeds