Limb Dismemberment System Help

Hello everyone!

For a game I want to make, I need a limb dismemberment but I have no idea how to start. I assume I need to know how to break off the limb the make it no longer be used in animations but I don’t know how to do either.

Thanks for reading and, hopefully, for helping!

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You can dismember a limb from a player by just disabling the motor6d property of Enabled, or if you want it so animations would not play on that limb you could just destroy the motor6d connecting between the torso and the limb

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Would that stop animations, and physically disconnect the limb? Would it just become a regular part of the model?

Motor6d holds two parts together in an animatable manner so once you disable it ,it should be no longer animatable nor attached to the body.

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One last thing, I assume at that point, physics can act on it as well? (Also, where would I find the motor6d, in the limb part?)

Based on the rig, for R6 rigs for limbs are found inside Torso, for R15 its found inside the respective limbs I assume.