Limb Motor Madness (MOTOR-ANIMATION BUG)

i noticed some sort of a bug with my limb motors
i thought it was some sort of my fault but then i tried to experiment with them
and turns out if you rotate waist or root motor

if you rotate waist, the arms would sometimes invert and rotation will be locked with humanoid root part.
if you rotate the root the legs wont be much inverted but the transform would be weird enough
this is what happens when you rotate waist for 90 degrees on Y axis
and it happens only with some animations like RTHRO or DEFAULT or CUSTOM(core priority or any priority)
cartoony idle:
perfectly fine
but with rthro it goes… weird:
also when you walk the arms dont move where the torso face

if anyone knows how to fix this please let me know ive been extremely desperate to fix this
it broke alot of my custom animations

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