Liminal Space Feedback

Hello developers! I have recently been looking at this topic about liminal spaces and the backrooms. Which I found quite interesting. What is a liminal space? A liminal space is the time between the “what was” and the “next.” It is a place of transition, of waiting and of not knowing. The liminal space is where all transformation takes place, if we learn to wait and let it shape us. Basically, it is like a place that you have already seen or have been before. I have decided to recreate one and I would like you to give me your opinion, thank you.


Wow , that looks pretty fancy , good job


It could use some yellow lights and a less shiny floor.

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It looks incredibly realistic, your description fits exactly what you have shown, but I have a few questions… did you have to script anything since mirrors can’t be made using properties (like that) and also… HOW DID YOU MAKE THAT! Woah… :shock:


:shock: :roblox_light:


Woah! Is this even Roblox? It looks sick!