Limit the Camera Rotation in the third person?

How to limit the rotation of the camera so that the player can’t look down or can only a few degrees? This is a third person.

Scripts that I used for this - shake the camera in the third person and worked only in the first person.

Just go to StarterPlayer, and you’ll see a property that says something along the lines of “CameraMaxZoom”


To make the player not able to look down, change the camera type to “Orbital”

For the game to be 3rd person only, change the MinZoomDistance

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You can set the camera’s maximum or minimum zoom distance with:

local Players = game:GetService("Players")
  player.CameraMinZoomDistance = 30 -- or any other number you prefer

You can use player.CameraMaxZoomDistance to set the maximum height they can zoom out to.

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Maybe I didn’t ask the question correctly, but I need a similar one, only in the third person ->> Locking Camera View Height

Apologies but I am slightly confused. Do you want the player be allowed to use first person at all? Or maybe share with us your specific objective.

I have a weapon and I don’t want the player to be able to look down (maybe a few degrees) and shoot from it because the bullets are not flying beautifully!

Look at this

Is the player forced in Shift-lock mode? Or are you referring to the cursor position?

This might help.

The player forced in Shift-lock mode