Limitations on Group Service

Currently working on a overhead tags system for a group I develop for, due to the delay of up-to-date group information with :GetRoleInGroup() and :GetRankInGroup() on both the server and client I have started using the Group Service which has the most up-to-date information on both. I was testing this in a game with about 30 people, each calling the group service every 5 seconds (yes I forgot to change this to something more appropriate as I was testing alone earlier). On the 30 player tests there was an error after a minute or two in the dev console saying about limitations on the group service however I cannot find any documentation on any limitations. It’d be good to hear if anyone knows about them as I can calculate how often I can call it based on the player count.

( I didn’t get what the error said exactly, however I can attempt to re-create the error at the expense of pinging a discord with a few thousand people :confused: )

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I just tested this out in a live game. The error message states the request limit!

GroupService:GetGroupsAsync() failed because number of API request/minute exceeded limit for HTTP API throttle. Please don't issue more than 400 API request/minute with server scripts and no more than 300 API request/minute with local scripts.

The limit is 400 for server scripts and 300 for local scripts.

Interestingly, this limit only exists in live servers. I ran the same test code in Studio and saw no limit.


This should be documented… :confused:


Yeah I didn’t read it properly and then realised after lmao and yeah this should really be documented, as the first place I went was the wiki

Limit has been lowered to 300 API requests per minute for both the server and the client - still not documented lmao

Requests for documentation should be filed in a thread under #platform-feedback:documentation-requests. Necrobumping your thread won’t change whether this limitation is documented or not.

It wasn’t a request for documentation, it was a statement. Was messing around with some code in studio and realised they lowered it.


I assume you were expecting documentation on this behaviour. Certain topics generally don’t get updated without prompt, which is what that category is for.

If you’re not interested in filling out a documentation request, there wasn’t a need to necrobump your thread.