Limited Letters [Feedback]

Hello fellow developers I need some feedbacks on my game

Limited Letters is a game inspired from the game Limited Words and as the name suggests you only have a limited amount of words to chat

I am asking a favor for whoever is reading this to just check the game out and leave your feedbacks below and if you encounter any bugs pls do let me know

Im planning on advertising this outside of roblox after hearing your feedbacks (cant afford ads im broke) which is on tiktok, would that be worth it? since im the only one working on this game so I gotta record the stuff then edit and post just give your honest opinions

There’s nothing really going on and it just seems like you are trying to get players from the current trend.


well really not expecting this to get players just an Idea I got and just made it on a whim

It feels boring and unvaried from other games like it. It feels very flat. Will you add other things?

have no idea what to add, any suggestions?