"Line Runner" Studio template does not support R15

I had a friend inquire about why a Studio template “Line Runner” he was using worked before publishing, but once it was published it would break. It turned out that for whatever reason the non-published place would set his character to R6, but when he published it allowed him to use what he had set as his preference on the site: R15.

If that game is played with an R15 character, it breaks primarily because CameraScript in StarterPlayer references “Torso” which doesn’t exist in R15 characters (should use HumanoidRootPart). Using Ctrl+Shift+F and searching for “Torso” brings up a number of results, so while the game is playable just by fixing the CameraScript, the place needs to be updated to support R15 in general. In fact, all of the Studio templates may need to be updated to support R15.

I have sent @UristMcSparks an updated place file for this template that works with R15 (and fixes a few small things from my 1.5 year old code).

I think it hasn’t been updated in the templates yet because he hasn’t had time to look over the changes but it will probably be updated when he is less busy with other stuff. I can follow up on this and make sure the place I sent is good to upload.

I also sent an updated Pirate Island template to fix the canons to work with R15, I haven’t looked at any of the others.

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