LinearVelocity Knockback Causes Characters To Fling & Clip Into Ground

Problem: I am using VectorVelocity as knock back for my melee, however, sometimes the character (dummy in this case) gets ragdolled and then clipped into the ground. This leads it being flown off and is really just a huge mess.

What I’ve tried: I tried to disable ragdolling, and, not shown in the photo, but it runs through all the dummies humanoids and turns off ragdolling. (Checked through a print statement if there was a humanoid in the for loop)

Video of the knock back problem

Knock back code — pastebin: Punch Script -

Screen Shot 2022-11-20 at 10.05.12 PM
Ragdoll code

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I suggest you just use BodyVelocity for now, since LinearVelocity is pretty buggy

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Oh, thats kind of a bummer. Everybody told me to use LinearVelocity. BodyVelocity has worked for me though so I guess I’ll use it

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Prevent the dampening while applying the force. Could use a BodyGyro or whatever the non-deprecated counterpart is.

This is actually most likely caused by your MaxForce being math.huge.
I suggest getting the mass of the model you’re knocking (Model.AssemblyMass) and multiplying that by like 2000 - 5000, and using that as your MaxForce.

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