LineHandleAdornment G/B color channels are flipped

A recent change appears to have accidentally messed up the LineHandleAdornment’s color channels.

Instead of rendering its Color3 value as RGB, it is rendering as RBG instead:

This appears to have started happening in v429, which coincided with outlines being removed from the rendering pipeline?

A change in AdornAALineFS might be the culprit. The compiled shader references xzy instead of xyz:

(Probably just a typo? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)


RBG is better anyways right? It allows you to guess for the color outcome when expecting your perfect Color3.

Does this only happen in Studio? :slight_smile:

Can confirm its happening in-game as well.

The LineHandleAdornment inside of this Tool’s handle uses the same Color3 value as the handle, but the colors differ.

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Is #platform-feedback:studio-bugs an accurate category in that case?

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OOOH, sorry about that! I was a bit hasty in putting this post up.
Could’ve sworn I selected engine bugs. Thanks for pointing it out!

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