LineHandleAdornment Thickness


Quick question (I hope), how can I stop the LineHandleAdornment’s thickness from changing as the camera moves around and changes angles? It’s really bothering me that when I look at it from one direction, it’s the correct size, but from another it’s extremely thin.

Example: LineHandleAdornment.rbxl (12.6 KB)


What are you planning on using it for?
If you increase it’s thickness to 100 you’ll see that it appears as a hollow cylindrical object, but only from certain angles.
Something like a Beam or a Trail may work better for what you are trying to do.


LineHandleAdornments render without taking perspective into account. That makes them useful when you have a debug visualization that needs to maintain a constant width in screen space, but they’re not really common in production games because the loss of perspective can be disorienting.

CylinderHandleAdornments are roughly the same thing but with perspective. Try using those instead.


Wow, those work so much better, thanks!

@Scottifly I’m experimenting with grids and was looking for a good looking way to visualize them.


Hmm I had no problems using linehandleadorments in this place for grids


Yes, they work, but in your game you’ll notice that the lines aren’t super consistent. If you zoom out and go look from the top down, rotating your camera causes some to thin out, then grow back to size as the camera rotates. For the most part it works, but the fact they do that was bothering me.


Could you get a gif of that? I want to make sure that what you’re seeing isn’t a bug.




You can see how the thickness of the lines close to the player appear to change as the camera’s orientation changes. It’s especially visible when you increase the size of the LineHandleAdornment: